e-Government and Institutions

Producer :D.K Kerthetissa (Gramaniladhari Thannekumbura) & D.K.D Madubashitha

Producer URL :www.gampathi.org

Producer’s Description

In the hierarchy of Sri Lankan Public Administration Grama Niladhari position is the closest as it gets to the general public understanding their day to day life and their needs. It is the smallest unit of administration. “GAMPATHI” is an open source software based web portal developed by the Grama Niladhari of the 275 Thannekumbura Grama Niladhari Division for the benefit of the residents of his Division as well as for any Sri Lankan citizen seeking information on documentation and other requirements for obtaining key  services.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The jury noted that the GAMPATHI Project has attempted to bridge the existing gap of information on various development related matters in remote parts of Sri Lanka.  For this purpose an enterprising Grama Niladhairi, has used Internet Technologies and Free and Open Source Software to develop the Web Portal on a standard platform like Joomla and Apache Web Server. Jury also noted that the tri lingual approach of the portal ensured that it catered to all ethnicities.  Moreover the Jury commended the efforts  made by the Grama Niladhari in leveraging technology for the benefit of the people of his Grama Niladhari Division.