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Inclusion & Empowerment


Product Description

The Sri Lankan taxi service is often looked down upon due to its lack of order and inefficiency of its processes. For this reason, taxi driver esp. tuk (3 wheeled taxis) drivers rate a low quality of life. PickMe produced software that equips local taxi drivers with an easy to use technology that builds their occupation and empowers their lives.PickMe is a GPS and GIS based software, which provides an integrated solution, that addresses all stakeholders of the industry the drivers, the passengers, the taxi dispatchers and the taxi fleet owners.

How the process happens is Passengers hail a taxi via the PickMe Passenger App, Taxi drivers are capable of locating passengers and navigating via the map and calculating fare with the PickMe Driver App. Taxi operators (call centres) locate taxis and dispatch to the nearest taxi via the PickMe Dispatcher, whereas Taxi owners monitor all operation of the business via the PickMe Admin. Eventhough PickMe passenger and driver apps have been inspired by other similar technologies around the globe, the PickMe technology itself has been made in Sri Lanka to suit the specific needs of the industry.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

The Pickme software has impacted the way the Three Wheel service is operated in Sri Lanka. The product which could have also been a submission to the commerce category was submitted to the inclusion category due to the impact it is creating among the three wheel driver community disrupting the mafia. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a Special Merit in this category.

Producer          : Digital Mobility Solutions Lanka (PVT) Ltd

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