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District Nutrition Monitoring System



Product Description

District Nutrition Monitoring System (DNMS) is a national public health information system, which is used to facilitate multi sector nutrition action plan of the National Nutrition Secretariat, functioning under Presidential Secretariat. The scope of this system, which has been planned for island wide implementation, is to collect data of children with malnutrition at grass root level, monitor nutritional level periodically and to identify household risk factors. DNMS has both mobile and web based interfaces. Public health midwives (PHMs) can use the Android based mobile application to collect data on children with malnutrition at field level, which is transmitted to a centralized server. Medical Officer of Health (MOH) and other field level data managers can access and validate the data entered by PHMs using the web interface. The validated data is analyzed at district and national level for the decision making in enhancing nutritional status of the affected children and hence the nation. In addition to data capture, the Android application supports real time data validations, longitudinal data charting through trilingual interfaces. The central data warehouse is based on a customized instance of free and open source health management information system, DHIS2. Extensive on-site in-service training is provided to field level health workers.

Jurors Evaluation

The need for accurate data for health interventions has been a major concern for most health agencies across many developing countries.    Many attempts have been made to create an effective nutrition monitoring system which would help in the reduction of malnutrition at early stages in children and reduce infant mortality.

 Although, many ICT interventions have been made over the past decade, the DNMS by Health Informatics society of Sri Lanka has addressed this with an innovative app that effectively helps in the monitoring and data collection at the grass-root level. The application supports real time data validations, longitudinal data charting through trilingual interfaces. Its success is enhanced through extensive on-site training of the field workers with regular monitoring and support. The well designed dashboard with colour coding and longitudinal charting are value addition to the built in analytics that sets this apart from many of the other similar attempts made by agencies across several counties. The universality of this very effective solution has potential across most developing nations and one hopes this award will give the impetus for this to be shared with all neighbouring nations.

Producer          : Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka 

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