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D.M.A.K Dissanayake,W.M.D.R Gunathilake & Ceylon Electricity Board



Producer’s Description

This software tool increases the Quality of Service (QOS) of national power system by providing a Vegetation Management System for power lines based on the data taken from the field. The software analyses the data for the Transmission and Distribution system of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and manages data of each power line span through graphical user interface (GUI). It uses scientific data, such as rates of growth, to make a 2D graphical representation of the span profile, depicting the growth of vegetation, existing physically close to power line base. The software generates a notification when a tree is in danger of touching power lines.  It therefore becomes convenient to make a proper “wayleaves” clearing plan to clear the vegetation without physically visiting the field. The system will thereby enable the CEB to maintain a good QOS to the consumer.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Jury observed a unique blend of ICT innovation and routine processes in this novel project, which would help to deliver cost effective and timely service to the electricity consumers in Sri Lanka. It was observed that the potential of this tool could be enormous by way of savings it can bring about through the reduction of labour costs, breakdown costs, and transport costs amongst others. By effective deployment of this tool the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) can maintain a continuous quality service to the consumer. Although the software has been deployed only as a pilot and on a limited scale the Jury was impressed with the novelty of the concept and blending of the state-of-the-art software tools and the essential technical processes into a viable proposition which can save a lot of taxpayers’ money and provide a high QOS utility service. Jury also observed that this was a felt need and the concept used was very apt and essential for a country like Sri Lanka, where electricity has to be transmitted across large distances covered by thick vegetation and forest areas.