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Genisys-Smart Water Bottle Holder


Product Description

Genisys is a smart water bottle holder which gives the user a recommendation of the amount of  water they should take  daily by factoring  personal details (height, weight, gender, age, body type, special diseases) and environmental factor (temperature, humidity).It makes sure the users achieves the daily recommended amount by reminding the user by vibrating the bottle holder and making a beep sound in the bottle holder and through on your smartphone. Genisys comes along with a mobile application for configuration purposes at the registration (getting personal data). Once got registered, the user can use Genisys independently even without a mobile device.

This mobile app includes meaningful graphs about water intake daily, weekly and monthly. Genisys connects to mobile device via Bluetooth, which consumes very less amount of energy. The Genisys holder has the capability to save the data and sync whenever the phone connects. It is a very fashionable holder which comes in different colors to select from.

Jurors Evaluation

With the busy lifestyle people tend to forget to drink water.  Continuous low consumption of drinking water leads to many problems such as renal and neurological problems. As a solution, team Genisys has produced an intelligent, smart water bottle holder, which is engineered with high technology to pair with the smartphone (Genisys mobile app), which keeps users alert all the time, and constantly monitors their water consumption. It is an Innovative application which supports to increase the productivity of the country by contributing towards building a healthy generation. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a Winner in this category considering the number of social benefits provided by this application.

Producer         : Team Genisys (Rashmi Mendis, Sasanka Kudagoda, Savindra Perera, Sameera Fuard)

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