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Producer :ICT  Agency of Sri Lanka

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A Divisional Secretariat provides over 100 different government services, from the birth to the death of a person, to the members of 6000-10000 families in a Divisional Secretaries’ Division. These services were provided entirely through a manual system, which is invariably associated with lots of inefficiencies and malpractices. The e-Divisional Secretariat (eDS) pilot project, launched in 2009 by Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, in collaboration with Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs in three divisional Secretariats of Colombo District, proposed to have 45 citizen services delivered by Divisional Secretariats, to be completely ICT-driven.  After a rigorous process of re-engineering the manual process of Divisional Secretariats, the current version of the eDS project has been deployed with introduction of associated change management processes to improve work efficiency of employees.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Jury recognized the application as a significant step towards a paperless office with all key management and decision making processes, handled through an electronic information system. It is also appreciated that, when fully implemented, this application would enhance productivity, transparency and consequent reduction of corruption in the Divisional Secretariat in the delivery of services to citizens and businesses. The application has also the potential to promote the development of the Divisional Secretariats, by facilitating implementation of various development activities directly involving the citizens living in the area and the businesses established in the area. The innovations in creating the front and back office, proper MIS to track the work flow status and performance for supervisory needs as well as for future planning of resources have also been noted for merit by the Jury.