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ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, National Disaster Relief Services Center & Joint venture  comprising  hSenid Business Solutions & Respere Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd


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The National Disaster Relief Services Center (NDRSC) under the purview of Ministry of Disaster Management is responsible for post disaster management and relief in Sri Lanka. The main functions of the NDRSC are Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief and Resettlement & Rehabilitation. To enhance the capacity of the current manual system, the internationally renowned and only Free/Open Source Disaster Management System “Sahana” ( has been customized and enhanced to cater for the requirements of NDRSC.

Hitherto faxes and telephone calls are used as primary modes of communication to gather data from peripherals, and the data is then either entered to desktop based systems or kept in manual files. This desktop based or manual system is not only inefficient it also has no capacity for further enhancement.

The project 'Deployment of Sahana Disaster Management System for National Disaster Relief Services Centre (NDRSC)' was thus conceived.  The system enables the NDRSC to continue to receive input data on existing data entry forms from the Divisional

and District levels while making the NDRSC processes more efficient and error free, making information more accessible.