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WST System



Product Description

WST System is a Student Tracker System operated through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, and benefits students, parents, and teachers.  Attending private tuition classes after school hours is a common practice within the competitive education system in Sri Lanka. Approximately 2 million students from Grade 6 onwards attend private tuition classes to support the education received in school.  The security of students when they are away from home is a prime concern for parents.  WST System fills this need and ensures children’s security by enabling parents to monitor children.  

WST ID card stores the name, school and a picture of the student.  It is used as an admission card.  When the card is tapped to a NFC activated mobile at the entry point to the class, the details are captured by the NFC phone and a notification text message is generated to the parent’s mobile giving the ‘in’ time and later the ‘out’ time, if they have registered. It will also show the details of fees paid, extra classes to be held and/or when a class gets cancelled. Currently this card can be used as a touch travel pass, further to be incorporated with other essential services such as e-channeling.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Technology adoption to make functions effective and efficient is to be encouraged. This software is not the first of its kind but has been instrumental in increasing the efficiency of attendance management using updated technology such as NFC. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a special merit in this category.

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