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Product Description

LiveRoom is a cloud based virtual showroom platform powered by the latest Augmented Reality technology. Through the LiveRoom platform, online retailers can give their customers an immersive experience of their products by allowing the buyers to try the products before they proceed with a purchase.Online retailers can maintain their product portfolio through the LiveRoom web portal. Adding, deleting or product modification can be done through this web portal.  Retailers can get useful business analytics of their products based on location, economic conditions and many other parameters.

Moreover, LiveRoom platform is highly scalable and could support unlimited number of products. Adding a product to LiveRoom can be easily done through the LiveRoom plugin for the Unity3d game engine which is freely available to download.

Jurors'  Evaluation:

Augmented Reality technology has been used widely in the retail space worldwide and this software product has been built to exploit the growing market. The application is easy to use and gives the user unique functionalities. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a winner in this category.

Producer           : LiveRoom (Pvt) Ltd

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