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Aunex Master Authentication Platform


Product Description

Phishing attacks have the potential of stealing passwords regardless of its strength. On the other hand an average person has ten user logins such as email, social media, online banking and work place logins etc. adhering to different passwords and keeping them updated and memorizing them is often impractical and frustrating.  Aunex platform comes as a solution for this type of problems which converts any “password only user login” into a “password +biometrics user login” with a smart phone while eliminating the importance of passwords. Aunex Master Authentication platform is a three factor authentication solution. It completes three factors fulfill a complete authentication. They are “Password- Something you know”, “Finger Print – Something you are” and “Smart Phone- Something you have”. The “Something You Have” Factor is covered in the existing SMS based method, so it is based on the mobile service provider. In Aunex “Something you have” factor is cover through the (unique identification number) UID of the smart phone and its mobile service provider independent.

Furthermore, Aunex platform is hosted in a highly secure server and Aunex Biometric Switch (Similar to a mobile app and available to download on “AppStore” or “Google Play Store”). By simply downloading a software Development Kit,SDK, Banks, Social media Companies, email companies can integrate their platforms with Aunex Platform.

Jurors' Evaluation

Digital Security applications have much market potential and this software has been targeted to a niche area in the security domain which is authentication. The product is targeting next generation smart phones and has looked at important security fundamentals in its architecture. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a winner in this category.

Producer           : Authanex (Pvt) Ltd

Contact               : 0332223149 ,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.