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Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard

Product Description:

Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard provides information about the current status of the country with regard to Science, Technology and Innovation. The main purpose of the dashboard is twofold: to ensure the delivery of stable, reliable, and accessible collections of Institutional and people data in electronic form for shared access by the community; to support the National ST&I strategy by providing national ST&I information that can be an integral part of decision-making, competitive positioning, and focus on value-adding areas.

The Dashboard serves;

  • Ensure establishment, maintenance and delivery of stable, reliable, and accessible collections of Institutional and people Data in electronic form for shared access by the community
  • Maximize the value of research data by increasing the understanding of the collected Data
  • Provide an integrated view of national research outputs
  •  Improve direct access to research Data for end-users
  •  Provide information about the elements of the national Eco system
  •  Portray our global position relative to other countries

The Dashboard is designed to reflect the Innovation eco system. Information is classified according to the Classification System Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This enables all the data to relate to each other and facilitates data visualization.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

Among the core duties of a government is to provide citizens with key information to alert on internationally competitive areas of concurrent importance. The COSTI’s concept of a dashboard to accumulate and disseminate information related to technology and research enables rather disarrayed research community into a single platform. Engaging the scientific and research community to feed into all available information in an organized manner using advanced and attractive features of this dashboard (e.g. Comparing the competitiveness of two countries with OECD accredited data) illustrates the interactive nature of the solution. The ever growing database of the scientific research community along with the valuable information of their research enable the government and other stakeholders to take decisions conveniently. The reliability of data of this dashboard and its openness to every citizen readily match with the category it intended to compete, thus got the Jurors’ special attention that made it a winner.

Producer          : Coordinating Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation

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Contact             :0112445207