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Mobile App for Parliament of Sri Lanka



Product Description:

The Parliament of Sri Lanka envisages using Information and Communication Technology tools to enhance capabilities in its key functional areas and to empower the average citizen with knowledge and information on important issues of the country and of parliamentary decisions that impact their daily life.  This also enable them to become active partners in the country’s development process. The App connects the general public with the legislative process in Parliament of Sri Lanka.

This mobile app provides parliamentary information including Member information, Acts & Bills, Questions and Answers, Calendar, News, Statistics etc. Documents such as Hansard, Order Papers, Order Books, Addendums and Committee Reports also can be viewed or downloaded through the app. Parliament proceedings too can be watched live or viewed as on-demand. Further, the users could contact Members of Parliament or the Secretariat via the app. All content are offered in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages giving the user the ability to use the app in his/her preferred language. More features and improvements will be added in the future.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

As advancement from what Parliament Secretariat delivered though its website, the mobile app bridges several existing gaps much effectively as an average Sri Lankan is more conversant with mobile based technologies. The Secretariat can effectively use this app to serve parliamentarians and  officials. With the propagation of this app, the core businesses of Parliament, including the legislative process has become more open to an average citizen, which has been often confined to a limited number of stakeholders. The navigation convenience and the attractive features has resulted the business of parliament much closer to Parliament’s regular role as well as its daily business. A well-organized documentation system and the trilingual nature of the app contents further enhances inclusiveness and openness, thus the Grand Jury has recognized this app as a Winner.

Producer          : Parliament of Sri Lanka

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Contact              : 0112777548