eswabhimani - eswabhimani

e- Inclusion & Participation 2009

Project ‘Watch’ features specialized hardware and driver software to enable people with disabilities to use a computer and any software with a key pad with only 4 keys. Since only 4 input commands are needed to use a given software, it makes designing a wearable physical device for a disabled person easy. Most of the movable parts of the human body can be used as the commanding organ for this system. [Ex: a finger, leg(s), head, a hand, tongue, etc.] Therefore, this invention can be used by any kind of a physically disabled person. Unlike most of the products available in the market today, this system is totally customizable, depending on the user’s requirements. So it makes the user more comfortable and the product more reliable and practical.

Producer- Ganindu Nanayakkara
District- Gampaha
Language- English