eswabhimani - eswabhimani

e- Inclusion & Participation 2009

TeckKatha is a local language, community driven, podcasted discussion about solutions to technical problems of day to day life, tech news, new inventions, etc. People can ask questions from Techkatha via realtime web chat (during the weekly recording), Google Group, Skype, SMS, email or phone. Email, Twitter and SMS alerts are provided of upcoming shows after registration. Techkatha has produced more than 32 episodes with more than 38 hours of audio. It has a listenership of over 1000 in just 8 months as well as a 600+ member Facebook group. Techkatha is a non-profit and provides the podcast and content under the Creative Commons License where anyone is allowed to use and share Techkatha created content.

Producer- TechKatha Group
District- Kaluthara
Language- Sinhala