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Most of us remember those days when we had to visit a movie theatre well ahead show time, stand in long queues to either purchase or reserve cinema tickets. Many a time we were confronted with a ‘House Full’ notice and have had to turn back disappointed. With the advent of TicketsLK all that has changed.  TicketsLK, is a “One Stop Ticket Shop”, offering customers the convenience of booking tickets online with the click of a mouse, from the comfort of their home/office and having it delivered to their ‘inbox’.

TicketsLK hopes to expand its services further to provide for online reservation of train and bus tickets as well as seats at professional workshops. A re launch of the website will enhance usability with more personalized social network options.

Jurors’ Evaluation

This product caters to the entertainment segment of the population in Sri Lanka providing customers a quick and easy way of purchasing their tickets from where ever they are. Moreover it also serves to create awareness amongst the general public on current and upcoming events across the Country. Although TicketsLK was initially developed to support bookings of movie tickets as the demand for online purchases grew, the site expanded its portfolio of services to cater to sports events, stage shows, and concerts. It even accommodates events without seating arrangements such as ground bookings for sport events. The versatility of the system is further demonstrated by the fact it enables ticket bookings through all Mobile service providers.