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 Product Description

The official website for Yala National Park offers a virtual view of Sri Lanka’s most well- known wildlife park. The website takes a multi-faceted approach providing facts and images and a well-planned nexus for providers of related services like safari jeeps, lodges etc. The site is also linked to a special social media page that allows visitors to share their experiences and create a dialogue that promotes responsible tourism. It also highlights problem areas that require the formal intervention of the Wildlife Department.

The website also is a platform for the Wildlife Department to undertake the challenging task of managing the park through a partnership between the department and the private sector.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

The website is first and foremost extremely pleasing with its eye-catching wildlife photographs and its clean, neat layout. It draws in the viewers immediately and provides a wide range of information, while establishing itself as a principled advocate for wildlife conservation. The site contains key service information, including data on other national parks, and a detailed map of the park to help visitors to plan their visit. A guide for responsible behavior provides a code of conduct and standards of behavior explaining the scientific reasoning behind these rules and regulations. There is a hotline for reporting incidents of inappropriate behavior and an easy access to its social media pages. The site serves as a central on-line booking platform for reserving bungalows, safaris and even booking your entry ticket. A well planned, well executed website with both commercial and idealistic interests.

Producer          : The 7th Frontier (Pvt) Ltd.

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