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The Lanka Government Payment Service (LGPS) is one of the key components of the Lanka Gate initiative. The mandate of Lanka Gate is the development of a comprehensive collection of software infrastructure and systems to provide citizens direct access to electronic information and services and facilitate electronic transactions in Sri Lanka.

The first-ever transactional service with on-line payments was launched in Sri Lanka in 2009 enabling vehicle owners of the Western Province to obtain their revenue licenses. The LGPS was developed based on the success of this service and provides multiple payment options through a single integrated payment point for making electronic payments to the government. Three commercial banks and a mobile service provider are among the ones who have come on board and LGPS is currently working with other banks and organizations to integrate payments. A Payment Reconciliation Module has been developed to enable the daily reconciliation of payments as required for government transactions.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

This platform was identified as a unique initiative that enables on-line payments to government institutions for the first time in Sri Lanka. In the absence of this integrated payment point, each government department would need to create its own on-line payment interface, which would be costly and inefficient. The system has been deployed for more than one year and is currently used by three commercial Banks, a mobile service provider, the Lotteries Board and the Departments of Examinations, Wildlife and Railways. The Juror’s saw the platform as a very important foundation for the Government of Sri Lanka as it moves forward to provide cost-effective access to services directly to citizens.

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  • Director General’s Office of Merchant Shipping
  • Department of Examinations
  • Colombo Municipal Council
  • Department of Motor Traffic, Western Province
  • Department of Wild-life Conservation

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