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Product Description

‘Mobile4E’, which is a mobile based English Language Learning application, which was developed with the objective of enhancing English Language learning by providing flexible means of learning through mobile based learning lessons for university students and school leavers.

Mobile4E is based on the curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education to address English knowledge and skill of school leavers in order to improve their chance of employability or higher education. This curriculum is known as “English for ALL”. Mobile4E is a m-learning solution developed on top of the e-learning product, which was developed for English for All curriculums, by the University of Colombo School Of Computing (UCSC) in a previous assignment. Mobile4E is developed by the mobile learning research group of UCSC and it is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) of Sri Lanka.

Mobile4E is a product which consists of three apps to learn and improve English language depending on the knowledge and skill of the users, namely: Elementary, Intermediary and Advanced. The apps are categorized based on the difficulty of the lesson content. Each application contains five main functionalities which are lessons, activities, favorites, scorecard and forums.

Jurors’ Evaluation

A user friendly, interactive app for learning English.  It allows practicing of English via any android mobile app though with text based lessons, video and audio podcasts and questions and answers.  It also has forum activities, which encourage discussions. It is expected that Mobile4E will ensure learner engagement through informal learning shifting from the formal classroom based learning.