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Producer : UniverSL Software Solutions PLC .

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Producer’s Description

Mobile to Site Content Update Platform, mscup is a revolutionary product in the field of web and mobile interaction. It is a simple way of updating the content of a web site without an internet connection. It simply uses SMS technology without the need for any specialized input or device. The application is hosted on the Etisalat Appzone.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The process for updating a website through a simple sms, without the need for any complex programming is a conceptually unique mechanism.  It simplifies interaction of the mobile with the web. The level of interaction can be customized according to the user requirement. The product offers several key advantages to the user the most important being that he can update the site while on the move and he does not require an internet connection or any special technical capabilities.  The user can also be secure in the knowledge that no unauthorized access is possible. The solution being mobile operator independent is also a distinct advantage.