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Product Description

Vdriver is a unique vehicle tracking and networking system already on pilot, on ideamart app store with a steadily growing subscriber base. VDriver was co-founded by Roshan Gunathilake and Keshan Fernando and the team consists of four members.

The purpose of VDriver is to establish a network of vehicles via drivers and vehicle owners. This network will have a comprehensive set of details of vehicles and vehicles’ journeys. In initial stage vehicles will be connected to network via a device plugged into vehicle and a mobile application and all details will be accessible to the users via This web site will allow users to monitor the travel path, fuel consumption details, speed plots and other mechanical data of vehicle.The advantage for the end user is that he can track vehicle performance and get service alerts. The enterprise value is with an emerging user base we can generate a vehicle rating system for vehicle investors.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The application provides quite a comprehensive list of features to monitor and analyze their vehicle’s performances. The ability to upload data to its website in real-time is one of the most useful features. Most vehicle owners are used to rely on professional mechanics or someone knowledgeable in automobiles to obtain mechanical information. The Vdriver system will be a useful tool to these individuals. Hence, we recognize it as a tool that would have an impact on people’s lifestyles.