eswabhimani - eswabhimani

Producer : Rajapaksage Isuru Kusumal Rajapakse

Media Format : Broadband/Online / Games Platform / DVD

Producer’s Description

Velenda, or the Merchant,  is a game , in which the player has to test his/her skills in managing a small boutique, attending to his many clients, ensuring the shop is well stocked and secure from thefts. The player has to sell his wares to the villagers and reconstruct the shop. Game also contains an engaging storyline to captivate the player.

Jurors’ Evaluation

There's no doubt that there has been astounding developments in online gaming world wide although Sri Lanka has been somewhat laid back in this particular domain of development. However gaming is enjoyed by Sri Lankans of all ages.  Velenda has a unique theme and an interesting story line. It does not borrow from the fast paced games which are found in abundance. It also projects the rural culture of our country   through the village boutique around which the game and the story revolve.

At the start of the game the experienced shopkeeper has retired and a new, inexperienced one (the player) has stepped in. Customers call over for a cup of tea or to buy groceries. Grocery items such as flour or sugar have to be weighed as per the quantity asked for and wrapped in newspaper before being handed over to the customer. Initially customers are few but as the game picks up customers call over in quick succession and the shop keeper is hard pressed to satisfy them all. He has to work hard to make sure his customers don’t go off in a huff! The goal is to ensure he earns enough to keep his shop going and to buy upgrades. The jury found it to be a refreshing and interesting game which has a distinct Sri Lankan flavor to it.