Producer : Arunoda Susiripala

Media Format : Mobile

Producer’s Description

Yalu is an anonymous chat service currently available for the Etisalat Customer base. It is a fun application which operates on simple sms technology. It allows a person to find ‘a friend’ or ‘a yaluwa’ in time of need. There are times when people have emotions that need to be expressed without fear of repercussion. At times where there is no one to talk to Yalu can be your savior. The fact that you can remain anonymous helps a person feel at ease.  Yalu was introduced to the market with a revenue model. Etsalat customers who download the application from the Etsalat App Zone pay a monthly fee of Rs. 30/= of which 30% goes to Etisalat and the balance to “Yalu”.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Jurors view was this is a very interactive tool for sharing knowledge and expressing ideas. An attractive feature of Yalu Chat is the manner in which the system gives you a ‘nudge’ if you do not respond for a while with a ‘why are you silent’! If there is no response for a while the system will offer to connect you with another friend. Another useful feature is that the commands are very simple and the user does not have to commit any of it to memory.  Yalu Chat has introduced games and mini apps to relive the monotony and keep user interest alive     

The project has been launched with a good revenue model. Six months since deployment and Yalu Chat is serving an active community of over 10,000. Although currently limited to one mobile service provider the developer has plans to reach other network providers. Skype and Google Talk based solutions are also to be released in the future.