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Product Description

Xtream Rider is Android Mobile game which is filled with adventurous stunt actions. The game takes the user through stunning environments while enjoying the realistic bike physics. The game play is easy to pick up but hard to master which will keep gamers glued to it for hours.This game is mainly developed using Unity 3D game engine, C# and Java scripting. Almost every texture and materials that are used is designed and created by in house Graphic Designers in G3 Solutions.Even though there are lots of competitive games in the android market, Xtream Rider is one of the best motorbike game filled with some unique features. Users can experience 360° of slow motion viewing while doing stunts or jumps.

 Record and share of the game play video are some of the unique features in this game. This game is released to android market as free to download application, so anyone who likes to try this out can download and play.  By successfully completing levels, player can earn coins and use those coins to buy new bike or upgrade his currently owning bike to increase performance and this will help the player to easily complete the final levels of the game.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The game design is attractive and the graphics are high quality. It is a well-developed game targeted at Motor cycle enthusiasts. The ability to record and share game play video is a useful feature available in the game. The great design, availability of features, the excitement it provides the player, increases the entertainment value of the game. Based on these the Jurors’ have decided to select Xtream Rider as a winner.