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Product Description

This website explains quality restaurants throughout Sri Lanka in Sinhala. Nearly each and every place that included in this website has been visited by the developer in order to check the quality of food and level of service.  There are four main categories in this site.

One of the main features of this site is where users are provided with details of the restaurant  by its location. Another feature is that the users can search restaurants using Sinhala key words. contains details of beverages as well. It also consists of delicious food recipes, so that the users may try them at the comfort of their own home.  With all these features, makes a significant impact and is sought after both Sri Lankans and foreigners who struggle to find a decent place to have a meal.

Jurors’ Evaluation

This website is unique in its content because it focuses not just on famous restaurants in Sri Lanka. Most of them are situated in the country’s capital city Colombo. The information on the website regarding various restaurants throughout Sri Lanka and the quality of the food etc. are based on personal experience by the developer. The site allows users to search restaurants by location and those who have visited the places are mentioned on the site and their experiences are added in comments. Since the site is in Sinhala, it caters to a larger audience who has been left out by sites published in English only. Based on these factors, we have decided that this website should be selected as a winner.