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Bhasha Dictionary is a centralized Sinhala-English e-Dictionary with multiple modes of access. The service can be accessed via a mobile phone (Bhasha SMS-Dic), via a chat client (Bhasha Chat-Dic) or via a web browser (Bhasha Web-Dic). It is the only Sinhala-English Chat Dictionary and the only Sinhala- English SMS Dictionary. It is also the only Sinhala-English Web Dictionary which has built in transliteration support. Because of its multiple modes of access, users can use this e-dictionary from where ever they are thus minimizing the impediments brought on by the language barrier in day to day work.

This application will soon be available on the Android Market further improving its accessibility.

Jurors’ Evaluation

It is reported that English is fluently spoken only by about 10% of the population although it is widely used for education, scientific and commercial purposes in the Country. This clearly indicates that a large majority of our population would need English Language support in their day to day work. Bhasha Dictionary is an excellent tool in this context. Many of us fall back on dictionary support in reading, writing and understanding English Language documents and while dictionaries; even e-Dictionaries are commonplace an e-Dictionary with multiple modes of access offers singular benefits to the user. He or she does not have to be in front of a computer, or connected to the Internet to seek the support of the Bhasha Dictionary for his or her daily use. A user not familiar with typing in Sinhala Unicode can still use this product typing in ‘Singlish” ( Sinhala words spelt in the English script) since it has inbuilt transliteration support.

Importantly it is not a static dictionary but evolves with use and the developer hopes to build it to be the most comprehensive Sinhala-English Dictionary in the Country. Although currently available only to Etisalat customers, it is expected that it will soon be available in the Android Market and through other mobile service providers.