Producer : Vicit Innovative (Pvt) Ltd

Language :Sinhala / English

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The e-Sinhala Guruthuma is an interactive web tool ( for learning the Sinhala language. It is a useful site for anyone who wishes to learn the language – local and foreign students following educational courses at International Schools in Sri Lanka, children of Sri Lankans living and working in an English speaking environment, expatriate community in Sri Lanka and even visitors to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans living overseas often want to ensure that their children don’t lose touch with their mother tongue but have little facility to do so. This product fills a long felt need as evidenced from over 3000 users from countries across the world - USA, England, Canada, Korea, and France. The user satisfaction is reflected in the many positive comments on the site.

Jurors ’ Evaluation

Sri Lankan parents living overseas often lament that their children are completely unfamiliar with their mother tongue either because there is no means of teaching it to them or because the Sinhala Language text books available for learning do not keep the attention of the child. E-Sinhala Guruthuma has potential to change all that. This website is one of a kind with content helping people learn both written and spoken Sinhala.  The Sinhala Language is one of the worlds oldest living languages which is still very vibrant and having a celebrated history of over 2300 years. It is also a unique language since it is only spoken in Sri Lanka thus making it difficult for anyone living overseas to learn the language.

The lessons consist of functional language and vocabulary

introduced in a clear context and made attractive with flash animations.  What makes the site special though is the use of sound files so that the user can listen to every word and get the pronunciation just right. For ease of pronunciations the Sinhala word is written in English.

Other interesting useful features comprise worksheets which can be printed out for practicing Sinhala hand writing. The site is enriched with activities, stories and rhymes to stimulate learning. For the benefit of those who do not have connectivity the developer is in the process of developing a CD version of the site. Site statistics indicate a growing user community. Comments on the site clearly reflects the level of user acceptance.  “හරිම සන්තෝසයි. සිංහල භාෂාවට සාහිත්‍යයට කරන සේවය ඉතා අගය කොට සලකමි. මට මේවට ගෙවන්න විදියක් නෑ. ඒ හින්දා ඇඩ් කීපයක ට ලින්ක් කලා”.  - ලක්ෂ්මන් තිලකරත්න, May 21, 2011 03:11 pm .