Product Description

The SLT Rainbow Pages mobile app gives access to the Sri Lankan National Business Directory with the ability to retrieve business addresses, contact numbers, websites, locations (maps), email addresses and other related business information. The directory information is accessible from any place at anytime and searching can be by keywords, category etc.  This has created a speedier business communication space and it has also made life easier and convenient for many. It is a product that has changed the way people interact. 

Jurors’ Evaluation

SLT Rainbow pages on mobile is an easy to use app which provides directory services to a device held on your palm.  This effectively makes the cumbersome print directory archaic. For a person looking for a number on–the-go, this app is invaluable as it provides contact details in a user-friendly manner. The visually identifiable icons provide quick access to a over 24 categories of businesses and government organisations. The map integration for locating establishments, ability to directly call, email or fax from the app, and its capability to save contacts to your mobile device directly from the app, can all be considered as value added services. These features combined with its availability on both iOS and Android, devices that gives accessibility to a larger segment of society makes it worthy of recognition. 


SLT Publications (Pvt) Ltd

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