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Product Description

SL Dictionary is a mobile app for English to Sinhala and Sinhala to English translations for devices on an iOS operating system. It consists of more than 130,000 English and Sinhala words and supports an English pronunciation function. The iSinglish Keyboard incorporated enables users to type Sinhala words with ease.

Jurors’ Evaluation

SL Dictionary is a mobile app that makes available a dictionary that users can carry around in the palm of their hand. Increasing use of colloquialism in both languages often makes it a difficult task to get the correct meaning and context when translating. SL Dictionary responds to this difficulty and is extremely useful for students and adults alike, as it enables users to readily retrieve appropriate Sinhala and English words. Further, the English pronunciation function and the iSinglish keyboard are useful and user friendly and is a boon for the vast majority of Sinhala speaking community as they are keen to learn English to improve their communication skills. Comments and feedback from users nationally and internationally show that the app is used extensively and is considered a valuable tool. SL Dictionary claims to be the first of its kind and therefore deserves the recognition for the valuable service it provides to the community.


Shenal Delight Murray – Arangaya Apps

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