Product Description

Swarālōka provides a controllable auditory interface -- instead of music Braille for the visually impaired to independently study and experiment on music composition.

Swarālōka mainly consists of an Optical Music Recognition (OMR) sub system and an output converter. Its OMR helps to pre-process the image of music notation script, detect regions of interest and to recognize symbols. Converter uses OMR output to sequence audio clips relevant to the process script and plays enabled audio layers concurrently through the audio mixer. The interface has been embedded with specific qualities that assist visually impaired users without the aid of a third party.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The rich content and the features of Swarālōka convert standard Eastern music notations used in Sri Lanka into a readable output format. This allows the visually impaired students to navigate through the auditory output created in a similar way to a sighted music student and generate an audio output with several concurrent audio signal layers with the ability to easily disable and enable audio layers. The Saptak assistance mode provided in the Swaraloka facilitates users to save processed music notations for future use and can easily switch between singing mode and speech mode. This product received the Jurors unanimous commendation as a winner as it can propel the disadvantaged visually impaired people to lead creative lives as contributing and participating members in society, which till now has largely excluded them.


Kavindu Ranasinghe

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