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Product Description

Legends, folk tales and historical information on the mythical and powerful King Ravana is collated and presented on this website to raise awareness among the public of a Sri Lankan King we should be proud of.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Folklore is an integral part of the rich historical heritage of Lanka. These stories handed down through generations are an important part of the oral traditions of this country and warrants proper documentation in an orderly manner. This website is rich in value as it digs deep into historical documents, oral traditions, sometimes from remote places of the island. In doing so, it unearths a rich cache and presents a broader fresh perspective of a legendary king of Sri Lanka.

An attempt to bring this collection deep rooted in historical and cultural traditions of the people, to a readily accessible medium is an important step taken by this website. It thus gives access to the public, both here and abroad about these legends and has created a platform for interaction and learning from each other.


Charaka Hettiarachchi

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