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The Tri Lingual Speaking Dictionary or the Language Companion is a Sinhala, Tamil, English translator comprising a Dictionary and a Thesaurus with voice. It has over one million translations from Sinhala to English and Tamil, Tamil to Sinhala and English and English to Sinhala and Tamil. Some of the main features of this unit comprises an adjustable audio speed to assist in pronunciation, grammar lessons compiled by professional language teachers, Oxford Dictionary with over 350,000 word, phrases, meanings and 11,000 encyclopedic entries. It also consists of synonyms and antonyms with 35,000 example sentences. The keyboard layout consists of the popular Wijesekara keyboard layout for Sinhala and the Renganathan keyboard layout for Tamil. The Language Companion keyboard is very user friendly and facilitates typing. The screen which consists of a backlit panel gives good visibility. This unit comes with a zoom in function as well. Some of the other features are a full functional calculator, metric converter, scientific calculator and formulas in  physics, chemistry and mathematics. Furthermore In order to assist the user in pronunciation, a built in voice recorder has also been incorporated .