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Project Description

Khan Academy localization project consists of three main segments in two academic cycles and piloting programmes to facilitate the teaching and learning of Mathematics subject in the General Education System of Sri Lanka.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The video based learning system of this project is useful as an attractive learning mode to improve the quality of mathematics education among Sri Lanka’s school children. It uses the highly popular Khan Mathematics video tutorials after mapping them with local mathematics syllabuses as well as newly developed videos.

Many of the resource constraints in learning and teaching mathematics can be effectively overcome through this project as students and teachers will be able to freely access these videos via YouTube; as standalone systems in their classrooms; via the national e-learning portal of the government and the Nenasa educational television. The project also has a sustainability component, as staff of the National institute of Education will be trained to build the in-house capacity for future developments.

The project is presently run on a pilot basis in 20 schools selected by the Ministry of Education. It forms part of government’s efforts to popularize mathematics learning among school children and thereby counter the poor performance level in school mathematics education. Current survey results indicate high acceptance of the videos by teachers and students, as well as a high degree of enthusiasm to use them as an aid in their day-to-day teaching and learning process. This is a promising aspect of the project.


Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education, Asian Development Bank

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