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Product Description

e-thaksalawa is the national e-learning Portal of the General Education System of the ICT Branch of the Ministry of Education.

This Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a content repository designed in such a way that all the users have full range of required resources to follow the respective lessons in the curriculum. LCMS uses free and open source software to make it affordable and sustainable.

The aim is to provide equity of access to educational resources unhindered by language or geographical boundaries and overcoming constraints of delivering formal education services.

Jurors’ Evaluation

e-thaksalawa, plays an important role in encouraging Sri Lanka’s school children to learn in a free environment.  LCMS has a particular impact on assisting children in rural areas and enables students to access useful resources such as subject content, past national examination papers, term papers, model papers with answers, question banks, supplementary reading material, and interactive learning sessions for children in lower grades. The site has the added advantage of being created by teachers serving in government schools and familiar with government school curriculum.

e-thaksalawa is user-friendly and its popularity is manifested by the high number of registered users and the number of visits to the website per day. Majority of contents is finalized in both Sinhala and Tamil languages, while all contents are targeted to be available in Sinhala, English and Tamil. Therefore, this project serves an invaluable function in promoting equity in the provision of school education to all Sri Lankan children.


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