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Product Description

Mobitel M Channeling is a free IVR based channeling solution for the general public. Patients call the hotline 0711370370 to reserve an appointment which is followed up by a confirmation SMS from the hospital conveying the time and the appointment number. The patient needs to presents the confirmation SMS to the channeling counter and upon verification, the hospital will issue a coupon for a consultation with an available medical officer. To obtain the medicine the patient has to present the channeling coupon to the pharmacy. The medicine is dispensed and coupon is retained by the pharmacy.

The Mobitel M Chaneling hopes to develop a defector service in the National Health care system to provide a better service and quality standards to the general public. Currently the service is successfully deployed at the Dompe base hospital. Plans are in the offing to deploy the service at the main national hospitals of the island.

Jurors’ Evaluation

This application offers a free solution to patients to consult medical officers. The service is better administrative tool and queue management system for the hospital and patients benefits as they have reduced waiting time at hospitals.

The system provides flexibility for doctors to schedule patient’s appointments in a convenient way and at the same time allows patients to select the consultation time slot and receive an improved service from the hospital. The system negates the inefficiencies inherent in a manual system, and streamlines hospital administrative procedures, thus making the Mobitel M Channeling a worthy winner.

Producer          : Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd

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