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Producer : GlassCUBE

Media Format : Offline(standalone systems)

Producer’s Description

iOperating mobile phones while driving is prohibited by law both in Sri Lanka and many other countries. Nearly 85 million smartphone users globally are faced with the difficulty of responding to calls that come in while t at the wheel. DriveMODE is an Android based offline mobile application to help pick up calls while driving. DriveMODE functions solely through voice commands: You simply have to say "Yes" or "No" to answer or reject any incoming call while in loudspeaker mode. Since DriveMODE also announces who is calling, the driver does not have to look at the phone screen. He can keep his eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, obeying the law and staying safe at all times.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Jury noted that this is a creation of a group of young undergraduates. By coming out with a practical solution to a very real, everyday problem the developers are facilitating the driver while ensuring road safety. DriveMODE is already in the android market The free version has a five star rating based on 91 reviews and has 1000-5000 installations while
the Pro Version is marketed at USD1.01 and has 100-500 installations. In addition to being a smart and practical application it has several useful features which include compatibility with almost any voice and any head set device, is not a drain on battery power, and has off line functionality.