Special Merit 

Wooroll.com–the largest directory and search engine for jobs in Sri Lanka  


Product Description

Wooroll.com (https://www.wooroll.com) is the largest search index for job listings in Sri Lanka. The website provides job listings under clear categories and a searcher is provided a list of current openings for positions in his field.

Jurors’ Evaluation

There are a number of job search engines in the market today and their numbers are growing. On one side there is the distress experienced by job seekers due to a lack of information on available employment positions. Often, this prevents candidates from applying for jobs that they are qualified for. On the other hand, companies constantly complain that they are not able to find the right candidates and they have to either advertise in multiple job sites or choose to advertise on one site due financial considerations and risk not attracting the right type or number of candidates they require.

This platform performs the role of the job search aggregator, which is able to reach into job sites where such information is published and offer the information in a targeted and search friendly manner to potential candidates. This close integration with natural language processing and contextual filtration offers better results compared to existing solutions. The jury’s view was also influenced by the fact that this can serve the needs of a very large population including the first time job seeker.


Hasini Dhananjalee

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