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BileetaEntution is a full-fledged cloud enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.It empowers SMEs involved in Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing, Projects and Services, who require a Tier II ERP to make their businesses efficient and profitable.

Bileeta has introduced a concept called “Journeys” to reduce the complexity of traditional ERPs. Furthermore as it’s a cloud-enabled solution, customers don’t have to invest a lump sum on IT infrastructure nor possess any specialized IT skills to maintain the system.The product is designed in a highly scalable manner so it can cater for small and medium size companies. This also allows customers to start with basic Journeys and then scale up with advanced Journeys when their operations grow.

 Jurors’ Evaluation

BileetaEntution ERP covers many of the most common modules and requirements of similar systems but has tried to put a new twist to the to the storyof mature and sophisticated globally recognized ERPs. Itsupdated full cloud based solution is both easier to adopt and low in up front costs. With this they also introduce this new concept known as "Journeys" which is unique and offers clients the ability to pick specific features which best suits them across various functional modules. The company hopes this will reduce the total cost of ownership for their target SMB clients, whilst saving time for the system’s final users who only needs to deal with what is relevant to them in a familiar and straight forward manner.


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