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Motor Claims Management System (MCMC) Workflow  


Product Description

MCMS is a locally developed product, which is an integrated, browser based workflow management system designed to cater to the motor claims workflow operations of insurance companies.The system is fully integrated to the core policy issuance system of each insurance provider and also has fully automated offline capability providing users 24/7 operational capability.

The system has a browser based user friendly interface for information capturing and presentation with many features, which are seen for the first time in Insurance Claims processing in Sri Lanka.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The motor insurance business is very competitive in Sri Lanka. The backend processing to ensure that proper documentation is maintained and fraud is minimized has to be quite stringent, accurate, yet very fast to maintain high levels of service and customer satisfaction.

The system presented to the jury had captured the business processes involved, from call-in to the contact center to claims post processing. It captured policy details, past claims, current claim made including the vehicle type, location and type of damage, etc. All this was done with visual diagrams by vehicle types and evidence based on photos, etc. received through an appraiser on site. The system also has the ability to analyze historical trends in much granular detail which can potentially offer insights for more customized sales by customer, type of vehicle, geography, etc. 


M I Synergy (Pvt) Ltd

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