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Jurors’ Distinction Awards


Product Description

The “ThirdEar” is an app that pauses a programme of music (or any other voice recording), on a mobile phone, to enable a listener to hear sounds from his outside environment. This interruption is vital as a user might miss very important calls or worse still meet with a fatal accident, as the person cannot hear for example the sound of a vehicle coming from the rear because of the earphones.

The "ThirdEar" app listens to the sounds outside, on behalf of the user, interrupts the music and lets the user hear important sounds, and the music is resumed later. Another feature it has is that if someone calls your name, it identifies your name and pauses the music too.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The “ThirdEar” application is a life saving app for many who are at risk of accidents when they listen to music on a mobile with earphones as it shuts out sounds from the outside. This can be very dangerous and hundreds of cases of deaths have been reported under these circumstances.

The app gives the phone the ability to interrupt the material that is being played and let the person to hear the incoming call or sounds of traffic. This is an app eminently useful for the current lifestyles of many.


Vimukthi Weerasiri

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