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iChemist - Tritration Simulator

Product Description

iChemist is a fully featured chemical titration simulator, which enables one to perform titrations on devices using the iOS operating systemThe wide spectrum of titration chemicals made available and the range of indicators allow students to experiment and learn through mobile media without the need for accessing laboratory facilities, or actually handling chemicals..

Jurors’ Evaluation 

iChemist Titration Simulator provides an effective e-learning method to train students in chemical analysis through simulated titrations. It allows them to learn the importance of concentration, the chemical reactions involved and the role of indicators in an elegant manner. Variations in concentration and pH are recorded and used to generate plots and provide analysable results that contribute to the e-learning experience. Although titrations have been largely replaced by instrumental methods in modern chemical analysis, they still form the basis of student training worldwide.

While iChemist is available through the iOS Appstore at a cheap price, its use by resource challenged students in developing countries is limited by the fact that it is available only for use on iDevices, which are expensive. However it does provide enhanced training in theoretical and practical titration chemistry outside the bounds of the laboratory to students who have access to iDevices and showcases an excellent effort by a young producer.


Isuru Kusumal Rajapakse

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0774383705, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.