eswabhimani - eswabhimani

Product Description

Athpotha in Sinhalese language means a manual, and thus this app is an Android user manual for Sinhala speakers. It guides a user from the first instance when power is switched on to each and every part of the android world. The descriptive content and suitable images enables a user to become familiar with their android device in a short time. The indexed main menu provides the pathway to move to any section of the manual easily. The aim is to empower novice users to use their android handsets to their full potential. Android Athpotha is available free of charge to users.

Jurors’ Evaluation

This app serves as a manual for Sinhala speakers for navigating their way through an Android phone. The descriptive image rich interface enables a user to grasp the working of an android device speedily and the index provides a useful main menu for accessing required information. There is growing use of Android devices in the country amongst the Sinhala speaking community. With this app they can optimize the usage of their android devices.


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