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Product Description

Smart Cyber Assist is a voice recognition based remote computer controlling system. It can handle the main functions of the Windows Operating System and also all the functions of Microsoft Word using speech recognition.

The app makes it possible to control a computer through SMS on any mobile phone, a micro website or Skype. In addition, users can access and retrieve their files on a remote PC into their android phone or they can upload files in to drop box or any other file sharing system.

Jurors’ Evaluation 

Smart Cyber Assist commendably opens up a new user interface of a computer replacing the mouse and keyboard. It is a tool that further enhances some of the voice recognition and control tools provided by the most popular operating systems available currently.

This system optimizes the user interface and would especially help certain disadvantaged communities such as the visually handicapped and the disabled people to use computers more effectively. In addition, these users can customize the operating commands to their own voice and produce up to three personal commands to execute one function. The tool can be configured to provide the corresponding voice response.  Furthermore it will support the localization feature (Sinhala) for voice.



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