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Producer : Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

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Bhasha Helakuru is a standard soft-keyboard for Android devices that enables input of Sinhala Language text. It works system-wide on the Android OS. The advantage Helakuru offers to users is that it enables Sinhala Language input not only on Sinhala supported apps such as the Bhasha SETT Browser or the Bhasha Dictionary, but also on any app including Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. Helakuru includes both Sinhala & English keyboard layouts. Switching languages is enabled on the press of a button. Users can thus intersperse English characters amongst Sinhala characters as required. Since Helakuru's Input Method Editor (IME) is designed phonetically users follow the same input method they normally use for typing Sinhala SMSs in English that is in “Singlish” (Sinhala transliterated in English).