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Producer : Channelcert Solutions

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Producer’s Description

WeServe is a client-server distributed application that enables a business to revamp its customer service processes effectively. At present, it has been developed for the restaurant industry, where it can contribute to overall profitability by minimizing order taking errors and having fewer stewards to serve more tables. In the past three months, approximately 25% saving in operational cost has been recorded in two live deployments. It has also significantly increased customer satisfaction, by reducing the serving time. Not only can each steward serve more clients, with more time on his hands he can offer a better, personalized service. WeServe can be deployed on any hardware platform since it is built using Java  Technologies. The mobile application is available for iOS while the Android version is currently being developed. Client server communication is done through web services with  necessary security features. The application can be customized to suit the needs of individual restaurants – the objective being to market a turn-key product. This model is scalable – application features can be trimmed or enhanced to suit the budget and business size of the customer.