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Our website was first launched in 2009 as the official web site of the Galle Heritage Foundation, which is a statutory institution functioning under the Ministry of National Heritage. At the beginning it functioned under the web address: In 2013, it was revamped and now functions as

The Foundation was established by Act of Parliament No. 7 of 1994, as the local organization responsible for the management of the World Heritage Site of Galle Fort. The Foundation works in collaboration with institutions such as the Department of Archaeology, the Central Cultural Fund, the Urban Development Authority and the Galle Municipal Council, to preserve and maintain the colonial period architectural fabric of Galle Fort and its outstanding universal value, which won for it UNESCO World Heritage status in 1988.

The web site gives historical details and a pictorial view of Galle Fort together with details of the composition of the Board of Management and staff of the institution. It also gives particulars of the activities of the Foundation, its annual work plan, etc., in addition to useful facts regarding the district.

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This web site presents the information of the Galle Fort related activities and also it gives a quick snapshot of the Galle Fort plus other important and valuable information of the District of Galle.


Galle Heritage Foundation

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