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Producer : Jinasena Training and Re habilitation Trust

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Producer’s Description

The Dilum Braille Converter enables a document typed in Unicode text in Sinhala, Tamil or English to be converted to Braille; stored, printed, embossed using a Braille embosser and it’s reverse. The traditional system of producing Braille documents was to have a sighted reader and a person competent in Braille, transcribe the text using software called Win-Braille. A critical problem in this approach was that it could only support one language at a time. The limited availability of typists competent in Braille was also a bottle neck. The process of transcribing in this way was thus both time consuming and costly. The Dilum Braille Converter solves this problem with its ability to convert multi language text directly into Braille and vice versa. This facility is a big boon for the visually impaired since it allows them to communicate in Braille with sighted people who are generally not competent in Braille. This software contributes to bridging the communication divide  between visually impaired and sighted persons.