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Producer   : Sri Nimal Padmakumara

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Sri Lankan folk songs, known as “JANA GEE” or “JANA KAVI,” have their roots in Sinhalese villages. The folk songs were chanted while villagers worked in paddy fields and plumbago mines and also while rowing boats and transporting goods in bullock carts. The songs are spontaneous and simple, and immediately touched the hearts and minds of the people.
This Web site is intended to give an opportunity to the present generation of Sri Lankan children to familiarize themselves with these beautiful folk songs which would otherwise fade from memory. The songs on the site are presented in pure vocal form without accompanying sounds or re-mixes. From the 'Virindu' poem to the ‘Karaththa Kavi’ styles, the site opens the minds of listeners to the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan folk culture. The voices of these unknown poets are thus not just part of ancient culture but are brought to life in digital incarnations also.