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Special Merit Award

Vidumanpetha – Sinhala Science web site

Producer :  The Institue of Fundamental Studies

Producer URL : www.vidumanpetha.com

Producer’s Description

Language barrier is a limitation for browsing the knowledge of science in the web for most whose mother tongue is not English. To overcome this situation, “Vidumanpetha” the first ever Sinhala Science web site was launched in 2005 with the URL www.vidu.ifs.ac.lk. The entire site was restructured and redesigned with Sinhala Unicode font and launched in August 2012 with 540 web pages under  the URL www.vidumanpetha.com. It is a web portal which provides access to three main portlets - Suwahas Vidu Jalaya, a search engine covering science glossaries, dictionaries and databases in Science; Vidu Nena Kirana, which introduces new methods like science based games and experiments to learn science and Vidu Heda Arana which provides information on terminal illnesses providing new treatments being developed.