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Special Merit Award

Producer :  Mr. Suresh Namal

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The NDictionary is a tool that assists students and adults to learn English. Once the software is downloaded on to the PC, the user can simply copy or type English sentences directly into its search bar and receive the Sinhala translation. The software operates in: English, Sinhala and “Singlish’ ( phonetic Sinhala) . Its OCR tool provides the option of capturing and translating words/sentences from  webpages, e-books and even error messages which cannot usually copied. In addition, it has a ‘Real-time Subtitle Translating’ feature, which translates subtitles into any of its three working language as the movie is being played. The software also comes with additional features that support English language learning such as, automatic daily display of top 10 English words and sentences with their meaning, daily English learning tips, two English learning games and also an auto grammar correction tool with community support.