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Department Of Immigration & Emigration , Mobitel PVT ltd,  Informatics International Ltd and ICTA

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The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a web based system which enables foreign nationals to obtain advance travel authority to visit Sri Lanka very conveniently. Prior to the introduction of the ETA visa on arrival facility had been granted free of charge to 78 countries. The visitors from other countries had to contend with the cumbersome procedure of visiting a Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission to apply
for visas. The system was not only inconvenient to the visitors but caused problems to the authorities who had no prior information about arriving passengers. Furthermore due to free visa issuance on arrival considerable revenue was also lost to the Country. The objective of the project is to contribute to national economic development by facilitating fast, convenient visa issuing. The ETA is expected to contribute to meeting the tourist arrivals targets of four million per year and increase earnings from tourism to US $ 8 billion by 2020 .